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                                Fear me now I

So all this happend we days ago when i realize true friends exists but to know them are they real or not is bit difficult. so lets begin my life is quite easy live my life like everyone else, waiting for true love . So im 27 years old guy  im single and i have being many relationships some of them was worse some of was good but everyone have problems in relationship. its like circle of life if you have problems you have to deal with it,if you not,then relationships cant be successfully and belive me there is not any happy endings like we all expect.. or yeah those famous worlds…  We belong together forever. In real life we deal with many bad things like criminals.. rapest,criminals,killers and many others things. Its sad to see people suffering for huge loss of family but im bit worried what this war in syria will cause… like in europe have so many incidents where humans have killed by those syria ISIS group. Most terrible thing is .. we cant do anything about it… but also i have to say i dont hate islam people i just dont like few of them who rape and killing people ,this is not acceptable… but as you all can see in america there is still school shootings and also police officers are killed some people where they could react diffrently.

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